About module

Intercultural Europe: Urban Planning Based on the Principles of Social Integration. Problems of social integration of ethnic groups and their tolerant attitudes to each other are the themes of big concern of state structures and civil society organizations in conditions of growing migration. Migrations concentrate in cities, that's why it becomes a problem of urban planning and urban regulation with considering of ethnic groups' interests and needs. City administration should not allow ghetto and criminal districts appear and take a decisions of urban planning according to ethnical groups' interests. Migration problems concern all countries including Russia. All Europe countries should decide them together taking a common course and measures for activities for the reception, resettlement and integration of migrants and giving them democratic rights and freedoms.

The purpose of the project to study the European experience in ensuring sustainable development of the city, urban planning based on social integration and acquaintance MGSU students of bachelor's and master’s programs with this experience to prepare them for the future professional activity.

Specific purposes are:

  •  improving the quality of education for urban planning students from the point of view of taking into account the social aspects of urban planning;

  • accumulation of theoretical, methodological an practical basis for teaching, science research and other urban planning activities;

  •  cooperation with universities of the EU and Russia for solving educational problems and forming social and professional competences in urban planning and architecture sphere.

Project is multidisciplinary, because there are urban planning, architectural and design, sociological, psychological and juridical knowledge in it. Multidisciplinary method of teaching like this helps to find the most optimal ways of social integration for different ethnic and religious groups into social structure and cultural area of the city.


It is supposed to do inside of the project:

  • development of new technologies and innovation teaching methods;

  • writing a textbook on the module, lecture notes and a handbook;

  • teaching 180 MGSU students of bachelor’s and master’s programs;

  • writing a monograph and 6 scientific articles;

  • holding a scientific conference on European integration and socio-sustainable urban design and urban planning.